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Can't go from Contact selected to detail in a tab

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Mar 3, 2010
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Can't go from Contact selected to detail in a tab


I have the training book and cd for FMP 10 Advanced.


In one of the examples, there is a tab with a portal with a list view of contacts and a button on that portal which will take you to the selected contact on the detail tab.


The relationships are:  customer -->customer_contact via customer ID


  customer -->contactIDselected via customer ID AND contactIDselected (customer), contact ID (customer_contact)


The script for the button is:


Set Field {Customer:_kf_ContactIDselected; customer_contact::__kp_contactID

Go to Object [Object Name: ["Contact_Detail_Tab"]


I have:


client -->client_contact via client ID


client -->clientContactIDSelected via client ID AND clientContactIDSelected (client); clientContactID (client_contact)


My script is:


Set Field [Client::__kf_clientcontactIDSelected; Client_Contact::__kp_clientcontactID

Go to object [Object Name: "Client Contacts Detail"


My script does't work - it takes me to the detail tab but not with the selected record.


Any suggestions as to why?



Carolyn Haywood

FMP 10 Advanced Mac 10.6.2