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Can't import PDF on Windows

Question asked by JohnBurwell on May 30, 2014
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Can't import PDF on Windows


     I'm having trouble making my PDF bot work on Windows; I can export a PDF, but I can't then import it into a container field. The script works fine on my Mac.

     The idea is to export the PDF, then "Insert PDF" the file into a container field. The exporting step works, and I can find the resulting file. The importing step fails on Windows, however, and I'm not getting an error message. 

     I'm using a "filewin:" prefix in the export step, and an "imagewin:" prefix for the import step, mirroring what I do on the Mac. 

     I tried using DocumentsPath instead of TemporaryPath, but it didn't seem to help.

     I can't tell why WIndows would fail without even telling me why. Does it not handle importing PDFs the same as on a Mac? Is there some Windows setting that interferes with importing files?