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    Can't input data in IWP field



      Can't input data in IWP field




      we have a database of products in our company wihic is filled out daily by our personel, and it is accessed strictly through IWP, in LAN (so no internet is involved). The program is FileMaker 11 Pro.

      We have a following problem:

      Some of the fields in the layouts have simply stoped responding. If You try to fill the field out in FileMaker its all good, but once You switch to IWP the problems start.

      When You input the data in the field, and click "Submit" the fields are cleared out, and the value is not stored in DB.


      Help, we are lost, and the business is hurting!


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          It is unlikely to be a problem with the fields, as they work when accessed from a Filemaker client.

          It could be a strange corruption in the layout, or a problem with Filemaker's conversion of that layout to Javascript.

          Making a new simple layout for testing that contains the affected fields and accessing that test layout through IWP may point to the problem.

          Trying a different browser would also be advisable.

          David Anders
          The Computer Guy, Seattle

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            Its not exactly 100% what You said, but it got me to think and test, and I figured what was wrong!

            We have several tabs in body of a layout, and a couple of fields in the header. Those fields are actualy a copy of fields from the body, for easy reference of our agents..

            The fields thet were "not able" to be inserted are exactly the ones which were doubled. I dont know why, but the fields that are doubled or supposed to copy itself by autocalculation to other field do not work!

            Thanks, You are a champ!