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    can't install trial application



      can't install trial application




      I'm trying to install the trial version of FMP 11 (Mac version), but the installer won't install the application.  When I go to Custom install, it shows the application as "skipped" and won't let me select it.  I have tried to install repeatedly, to no avail.  Any insights?  Thanks.

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          Thanks for your post.


          When trying to install there are a few points to look at. First what is the size of the installer file you have downloaded? The trial should be about 270 MB once extracted out to the install folder. What OS version are you installing to? There are several OS version specific issues that can be a factor here. Did the isntaller create a folder for the application? If so, what is listed in the contents of that folder?


          Please keep me updated on this issue so I can better advise you on how to get this up and running.



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