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Can't lock a radio button field

Question asked by Radcon on Jun 9, 2010
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Can't lock a radio button field


I have a field formated as a radio buttons that the user chooses one of two options for a conditional value list.  In all the other fields, I have been able to show a friendly dialog that indicates the field is locked by either an OnLayoutKeystroke, or an OnObjectEnter(for drop down lists & calendars) script trigger.  Clicking in the radio button field gives me the locked record dialog, but changes are made anyway.  I would have thought the OnObjectEnter trigger would have fired before any changes were allowed.  How can I prevent changes to this field?  There is an OnObjectModify trigger in the same field that sends the user to the secondary value list when changes are made in an unlocked condition.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


FMPA 10; XP Professional