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    Can't make my field text transparent



      Can't make my field text transparent


           FMP v13.0v3 on Mac OS X.9. I'm trying to make my field text transparent. When I change it, the field always defaults to white. I have made a search field with a drop down. I select that field and under Appearance, I change it to an icon of a magnifying glass. I don't want any text to initially show up, only revealing the icon. Again in Appearance, I select this field, go to Text and pull down the text color box. The classic, transparent text color is the first one with a red line through it. Once selected, the box changes to a part black diagonal box. Classic stuff. Once I click to another field and go back to the transparent text field, it's changed back to white text.

           I wondered if because this was a drop-down box, you couldn't make the text transparent, but it seems that I can't make any box with text transparent. I choose Transparent, it is confirmed, when I save and go to browse, it's white. Is this going to be something theme specific?


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               Since text in your field provides immediate feedback to the user as to what characters have been entered into the field, why do you want to hide this feedback from the user? (The answer to that question may suggest an alternate approach that will meet the same requirement.)

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                 I am using it as a drop down navigation box which is also placed in a popover button. The user would see the magnifying glass icon and pull down arrow. The field itself is a pull down with a value list of created recipes. Pick a recipe, the script trigger completes a find command. This all works, except when you enter the popover, you see the icon along with the first record in the value list. The theme is Cosmos. So I can change the text color to the background color which pretty much hides it, but text must be foreground, so it is above my white, magnifying glass icon.

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                   Why not clear the field with a script performed by the OnObjectEnter script trigger which will be tripped when the user enters the field.

                   Or you can use the "hide Object when" feature of FileMaker 13 to make the field invisible once you have clicked into the drop down list to deploy the list of values.

                   Either that or you might try a PopUp menu instead of a drop down list....

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                     The PopUp looks a little better. Thanks for your suggestions. This still doesn't resolve the question, why can't I make text transparent? This would seem like a bug to me.

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                       It's already been reported as such, but this is apparently by design. They just got lazy and used the same color picker for line, fill and text color and then didn't allow transparent as a text color choice. If you select the "none" text color and then return and pull down the color picker again, you'll find that it changed to white as the specified text color.

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                    Markus Schneider

                         You can set the font size to 300 or so - using conditional formatting. That's a workaround (not in every case..)

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                           I thought of that, but don't think it will work for a text field at the time you have the cursor in that field--it'll pop out to a larger size and then you'll see at least some of the text.