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Can't make my field text transparent

Question asked by brzasa on Jun 18, 2014
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Can't make my field text transparent


     FMP v13.0v3 on Mac OS X.9. I'm trying to make my field text transparent. When I change it, the field always defaults to white. I have made a search field with a drop down. I select that field and under Appearance, I change it to an icon of a magnifying glass. I don't want any text to initially show up, only revealing the icon. Again in Appearance, I select this field, go to Text and pull down the text color box. The classic, transparent text color is the first one with a red line through it. Once selected, the box changes to a part black diagonal box. Classic stuff. Once I click to another field and go back to the transparent text field, it's changed back to white text.

     I wondered if because this was a drop-down box, you couldn't make the text transparent, but it seems that I can't make any box with text transparent. I choose Transparent, it is confirmed, when I save and go to browse, it's white. Is this going to be something theme specific?