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Can't navigate to proper layout...(simple but vexing)

Question asked by cheathamtech on Feb 2, 2011
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Can't navigate to proper layout...(simple but vexing)


I'm sure this is some simple thing I'm missing..

I've made a button that runs an IF statement... IF either Field A or Field B is blank, then navigate to a layout that gives a warning that the fields must be filled in... Else If Fields A and B are filled in, commit the record and create a new record.

If the fields are blank, it does indeed take me to the proper layout...  But then I've put a button on that screen to get me back to the first screen...  that's where my troubles begin...

It won't navigate me back...  I've tried Original Layout, nothing.  I've tried Navigate to Layout A, but it won't budge...

I'm lost...  I'm sure this isn't a bug...I'm just lost about what to do!

Thanks Phil...  you're very helpful and I appreciate it more than I can say...