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Can't Open File, Close window script gone wrong

Question asked by JoeStack on Jul 10, 2012
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Can't Open File, Close window script gone wrong


I accidentally put a close window script that is causing filemaker to close my window as soon as i open the file. I saw some work arounds for a similar bug with startup scripts, but i don't know how to do this.... Basically, i added a script to popup when a certain layout is open and it shows a layout in a new window but before that it tries to close the ne popup if there was one already opened. It turns out i made it just close any window and now it closes the only window open because the file opens up to the window with that script (yes that was really confusing... sorry....). i need some help trying to get aroudn this. Maybe some one with the advanced version can do debuggin or something? I am uploading the file...