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    Can't open FMP after updating to 8.5v2



      Can't open FMP after updating to 8.5v2


      Yesterday, I updated from FMP 8.5v1 to version 8.5v2 and then found out that now, it's impossible to open FileMakerPro (I am using Mac OS 10.5.6 on my MacPro).


      When I try to open FMP 8.5v2, I get the message "You can not open the application FileMakerPro because it is not supported with this architecture" (translated from Norwegian on my Mac).

      I really don't understand why this happened - and what I should do. Purchasing the upgrade to 10.0 is not a preferred solution...


      FileMaker Support only redirects me to this forum, so I guess I need some of you to help me.


      Helge Krabye

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am running an iMac with 10.5.6.  I just installed FileMaker Pro 8.5v1 and updated to 8.5v2.  FileMaker Pro then launches without a problem.


          I switched my operating system to Norge, rebooted, and launched FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 without a problem.


          Can you try reinstalling?  Maybe install with an English system, and try it.  If it works, then switch your system back to Norge.



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