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Can't Paste directly into Filemaker from AccountEdge

Question asked by robert-compu-books on Aug 7, 2012
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Can't Paste directly into Filemaker from AccountEdge


I am having a problem copying and pasting from AccountEdge 2011 for Mac into Filemaker Pro 12 on the Mac.  I am attempting to copy a company name directly from AccountEdge, and then go to pasting the name into the Company Name text field in FM.  When I try to paste into FM, no text is added.  I tried the FM 12 'Paste Text Only' and that does not work either.  I can copy the Company name from AccountEdge and paste it into a text editor.  Which I can then copy the text from the text editor and paste into FM.  I cannot copy and paste directly from Accountedge to FM 12. Our client is having this same problem, and we are using different FM and AE files to test, so it is not an isolated problem.

Additional info:  I tested copying from AccountEdge and Pasting into FM 11 and it functions correctly.  I have the most recent updates installed in FM 12 as of today. 

Any idea why we cannot paste directly into FM 12 from AccountEdge?

Thank You,

Robert Nelson