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    Can't paste text into text field



      Can't paste text into text field


      I have a new copy of Filemaker 12, and just set up a new database. One field is a text field, and i cannot paste text from an email into this text field. I can type into it, but not paste from the Clipboard. I'm doing this in Browse mode. I've tried deleting the field and creating a new one, closing other applications on my laptop, restarting the laptop, and no results. It was just a short paragraph, and the field is plenty large enough. I've also tried copying other text from another source, and still can't paste.

      Is there some new "feature" that I don't know about that thinks I need more practice typing or something? Undecided


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          Copy and paste should work the same with FileMaker 12 as it does with other versions of FileMaker.

          Let's try a simple test. Add two different text fields to your layout. Can you copy and paste text from one FileMaker field to the other?

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            OK, I can copy and paste between fields, from my browser, from a web dev program. I still can't from my email program, which is Eudora on the Mac. In I've been using Eudora since the early 90's, and Macs since 1985, and Filemaker since v. 1.0. I've never run into anything like this before. I checked Eudora's Preferences, but don't see anything that could account for this. I haven't done any new databases for some years, but in the past I used Eudora concurrently with Filemaker with never a glitch. I can copy from Eudora into other programs with no problem. It's only from Eudora to Filemaker that it won't work. I've tried using the keyboard commands for copy and paste, and the menu selections as well. When I go to paste into filemaker using either method, the Edit menu on the menu bar highlights normally, and the "undo paste" becomes available. If I click on undo paste, redo paste becomes available. Everything looks notmal except that the field remains empty! I'm using system fonts, no special formatting, nothing out of the ordinary.

            I use Mac OS 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro laptop.

            Now this is a problem, because the purpose of this database was to store certain content from certain emails, so that content would be easier to keep track of and access. I'm involved in a large ongoing project, and being able to do that is really important.

            Aother issue that just appeared was after quitting Filemaker, then trying to open the program again. It asked for a password, which I had never provided for this database, and so didn't know what it might be. I would not have knowingly set up a password, since I'm the only user of this computer and there is nothing secure about this data. So I creaated a new database, found the file options, and set it to require no password. Still could not open without one, which, of course, doesn't exist. How can I create a database that does not use special security settings, which in this particular case, I neither want nor need?

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              The default settings in File Options are the ones you should use if you have no password defined for you file:

              It should specify opening the file with an account name: admin and no password specified.

              You should be able to open your files that you are currently locked out of if you enter admin as the account name and leave the password box empty.

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                For the copy/paste from email, you might also try this test.

                Open a word processor or text editor. Can you copy from an email and paste into it?

                IF so, then for some reason, FileMaker isn't allowing you to paste the text. Do you have any scripts performed by script triggers that include the copy script step?

                If not, then your email program may not be permitting you to copy.

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                  Well, I can copy from an email and paste anywhere else, just not into Filemaker. There are no scripts that I've set up with this database yet, at least none that I know about. I just tried copying from an email and pasting into TextEdit. No problem, so I changed the text a bit to be sure it was different from the Clipboard. selected it, copied and pasted into  FM text field, and that worked.So, text is definitely copied into the Clipboard and can be pasted into anyplace except Filemaker.

                  Tried again to copy and paste directly from the email. Didn't work.

                  I can copy from FM and paste in an email, however, so it's just the one-way copy from email, paste into FM that results in no pasted text visible in the field. As I mentioned, the edit menu shows the appropriate brief highlighting, and the Undo Paste appears in it. Just no visible text in the field...

                  I've done this in the past, years ago, same two software programs, earlier versions.

                  I was able to open the file using Admin as the username, rather that my name as it defaults to, with no password. Thanks! Not a big incentive to create a database that is inaccessible once it's been closed once!


                  I'm using Mac OS 10.6.8, Filemaker 12, and Eudora 6.2.4.

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                    In the Layout mode, select the the text field in question and enlarge it for at least three lines deep and very wide.  Next in Appearance tab of inspector, check Text for a Font name, size and color Black.

                    Go back to Browse mode and now Cut from email, paste to the selected, Insert bar blinking... text field.

                    If still not visable, type into the text field. to see if it is inserted in front or behind the invisable text.  

                    Another clue is follow the action of the Insert flashing bar.  if it moves it follows invisable text.

                    If still no success, open new document Text Editor application on Mac. Then from the Text field with the invisible paste, click inside that text field, do a Command A [select all] and see if the text field highlights.  If yes do a copy from FMP and Paste in Textedit document.  Go back and forth from Text edit to verify that FMP is working.


                    Do a new test FMP data base with just one text field and try it alone with email copy/paste.

                    Good Luck...


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                           I have the same problem with FileMaker Pro 12. Copy text from a program called Accordance and it won't paste into FileMaker Pro 12. It did with FileMaker Pro v11.

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                             Is there an update on this topic? i ran into situation where i cannot copy/paste from InDesign CS4/5/6 into FileMaker v 12.0v4.

                             brand new database, brand new field, no scripts, etc.

                             can copy/paste into text edit, then copy/paste that into FMP just fine.


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                               Check the Font options under the Preference Menu for FileMaker. Worked for me. :)

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                            I too have been having the paste into field problem I am now using FM 13 v5. The only workaround that I found is to right click in the field and select paste. The command-v keyboard paste does not work.

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                              Correction... It is dialog boxes I can't paste into, not fields. Sorry about that.

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                                I had the same problem pasting into FileMaker Pro 13.05 from notepad, Microsoft Excel, Firefox, Google Chrome and even FileMaker Pro itself. I was able to paste from Microsoft Word and from Internet Explorer. After checking several possibilities, I determined that the problem was caused by WebRoot's SecureAnywhere. I turned off the identity protection/identity shield. One of those "features" is to protect your clipboard data. Apparently, the inconsistent protection was causing the problem. Hopefully this will help some of you who might be using that same product.

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                                  I know this is an old thread, but this is the closest I have found to a solution. Open Preferences > Fonts and uncheck "Use Font Locking". Then, instead of using Edit > Paste, use Edit > Paste Text Only. It's not a complete fix, but it is close. Hope it helps someone.

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                                    I have upgraded to FM 14. I am able to command-v into the dialog box for printing pdf for one of the files I had issues with previously, but not another one. However, the file that is working for me now is not working for another client on his computer. Strange behavior.

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