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can't perform "match records" import step

Question asked by wolf391 on Sep 24, 2009
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can't perform "match records" import step


using FM pro 10v3, OS win XP sp3


I'm trying to perform two Imports from ONE table in 2 script steps.

1) importing Table1(all data) -> table 2(address data part) (MATCHING RECORDS on a field "unique id")

2) importing Table1(all data) -> table 3(other data) ...trying to match records on the same "unique id" but .... the option is GRAYED OUT and not available.


the import happens within the same data base (.fp7)

i'm stomped.. why is this option suddenly not available.

FM help only offers one explanation i could find.. if you try to import from a file without field names, but this is clearly not the case.


Any ideas?


ps.: tried to import manually (via menu step, but its greyed out on table3 also, but NOT on table2) and i cant deduct a reason why.


any help appreciated :)