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Can't print certain records

Question asked by SanfordMuseum on Apr 25, 2013
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Can't print certain records


     Hi, I am baffled by this problem. I am using Filemaker Pro to digitize our collection records. I would also like to be able to print out a record, when needed. The problem I have run into, is that on one of our databases, the records print fine up to record #600, and then they don't rpint at all. They show a record in the Filemaker preview, but not in the print preview. The printer preview shows a blank page, and that is what it will print out.


     I have made some change to the layout today, but those changes were applied to all the records. We have three other databases that all will print any of the pages. So, it seems to be a glitch peculiar to this one.


     I would be grateful for any ideas! Thanks so much!