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Can't Register for Webinars / Webinars don't work

Question asked by JasonHogue on Oct 28, 2014
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Can't Register for Webinars / Webinars don't work


I have been trying to register for webinars and trying to watch archived webinars for the last week without success. I can find no other place to voice this issue or get support for this issue so I hope this find the right person.


Registering for Webinar

Using Win7 and Firefox33 (and latest version of Quicktime), when registering, the SUBMIT button may or may not work. It depends on the webinar. Some work. Some don't. Switching to IE9 has the same issue.

For the webinars that I WAS able to register for (SUBMIT button worked), I would NOT receive a confirmation email with the link. It did not matter what browser or even what computer (PC, Mac or iPad) or what email address I registered with (I tried MANY times). I would not receive a confirmation email....EVER !!!

Recorded Webinars

For the Recorded Webinars, some did not display any content (audio or video). Most that I tried had audio but only a short segment (1 or 2 minutes) of video. Not very usable for training :-(


As I have stated, I have used a PC, a Mac and an iPad, all to no avail. What can be done to actually be part of a webinar and/or view a recorded webinar !?!