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can't search portals - what am I doing wrong?

Question asked by FranziskaBlome on May 2, 2014
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can't search portals - what am I doing wrong?


     Hi, I've been working off and on this many-to-many database, where the user can enter contacts and events and how the contacts are involved in the events, be it as a guest or some active participation, i.e. moderator. Not being a professional developer, I was proud of the progress I've made (and thanks PhilModJunk for your suggestions along the way), but I'm stuck again, my relationships seem to be working as far as adding a function for a given participant in any given event, but the portals aren't searchable - what have I overlooked?

     I'm sure the mistake is somewhere my database architecture, but I couldn't get the relationships to work at all any other way (thumbnail pic attached).

     This is what I'm trying to accomplish: In the context of CONTACTS I want to have a portal for all guests and a portal for all other participants. And reversely, in the EVENTS context, I have a portal for all invitations (i.e. guests) and one for participants (other than guests). Initially I thought I'd need a child table for PARTICIPATION and another child table for INVITATIONS, but in the edit relationships window, it wasn't possible to link each child table to both parent tables. In the end, I combined participants and guests into one child table called ROLES. I made multiple occurances of ROLES, one for just guests (field role = guest.c which I've set for "guest") and one for just participants (roles ≠ guest.c). I'm a novice with calculations and wouldn't be surprised if this calc is bad. Again, adding roles (guests or participants) to both parent tables from the child table works beautifully, the records show up in both portals, but I can only search one of the four portals, not the other three. I can't see what I did different for that one (?!?).

     Can anybody help? Thanks!