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    Can't See Local Host When Open Remote



      Can't See Local Host When Open Remote


      We run FileMaker Pro 8.5 using Network Share.  We installed FileMaker Pro on a new user's workstation.

      When she used File-->Open Remote, she can't see our application on her Local Host dialog box (application is opened by other user already).

      Other client users do not have this problem.


      Any settings to the new workstation we missed?  Your help is appreciated.


      BTW, is there any introductions available on the mechanics of this Network Share (how local host information is kept and how client can access it...)?



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          We went through both threads:




          Can't get to "Show Package Contents..." after right click on FileMaker Pro application (OS is Windows XP, NOT Mac). 

          We search our workstations (those working properly) from Windows Explorer and did not find server.pem.


          Note we are using network share, NOT FileMaker Server.


          Do we misunderstand your directions?  Thanks.



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               HAve you check to see if that user's privilege set has been set up to have network access to that file? File --> Sharing --> FileMaker Network
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              Yes.  Other users are set to the same privilege set and can see the application.

              Workstations are: Edit --> Sharing --> FileMaker Network  set On.



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                The users are all on the same network subnet?

                Meaning they are all connected to the same router, switch, hub and can see each other with Windows sharing?

                Is there a firewall or maybe even TWO firewalls installed on the problem computer?


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                  Thanks for your posts.


                  With Windows XP, the server.pem file is located in the FileMaker Pro 10 folder.


                  Copy this file from one of the other machines to the machine having the problem.



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    Thank you for all your help and would like to update you our progress. 

                    We have not resolved our problem yet. 


                    Thanks to TSGal, we did find server.pem file in the ...\Program Files\FileMaker Pro 8.5\ folder.

                    Our 'Windows Explore search' blocked us from the system folders/files.  That is why we did not find it last time.

                    Replacing the file with one from the working machine (with IT's help since administrator right is required) did not resolve the problem.


                    All machines are in the same subnet IP address. But one has problem is located at another building.

                    We have huge intranet in our organization.  Someone suggested that 5003 port may not be cleared / opened in one of

                    the network equipments (routers, switches, hub, etc.) even all machines are in the same subnet (???).  I think this require Network engineers to resolve.


                    Does this make sense to you?  If so, will FileMaker Server run into the same communication problem (port 5003 problem on one of the communication equipments)?


                    FileMaker community in our organization is a very small group comparing to the Network and/or IT group. We start wondering what service we can get

                    from those groups to solve this special communication issue.


                    Any thoughts is welcome!



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                      I would expect only firewalls to block 5003.  Most network switches are not aware of layer 3 or layer 4 information, where IP addresses and ports reside.  So that shouldn't be the issue for FMP or FMS.


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                        If one machine in one building is the problem, trying to access the database in the same building from a different machine will help narrow the problem search peramiters.

                        This may convince your IT department that the problem is their network configuration, not Filemaker's.

                        David Anders

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                          Thank you for all your help.  We have not resolved the problem yet.


                          However, we did find that we can only use "network shared file" approach for workstations on the same network segment. It appears that FM Pro does not search across network equipments (switches, hub,...) in our network for FM Hosted Application when using "Open Remote".


                          We have our network engineer research the problem now.  My questions to you are:


                          1. Does FM Pro search across network equipments when using "network shared file" approach? If this is software limitation, we can save our network engineer's time.

                          2. Anyone has successful access this way (from different network segment)?

                          3. How does FM Pro searching for host applications work, looking for port 5003... throgh whole network? 


                          Any help is appreciated.



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                            FileMaker does search across the entire local network.  It will not search across external networks.  Otherwise, it would take forever to read all open FileMaker files around the world.


                            FileMaker Pro does use port 5003 to search for database files over the entire local network.  Make sure port 5003 is open on the connected routers.



                            FileMaker, Inc.