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Can't See Remote Files Using Network Path

Question asked by RossHurley on Mar 1, 2010
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Can't See Remote Files Using Network Path


I have a VPN setup to access files on an external server but I can't see the files in the Open Remote window. My setup is OS X 10.5.6 running FMPA 10.0v3. When I first tested opening the remote files, with the full path and filename to one file (example: fmnet:/ entered into the Network File Path field, the file opened. I closed it and set up the IP address as a Favorite. Selecting the IP address in the Hosts pane then didn't show the available files in the Available Files pane. All further attempts to open files either by entering the full path and filename in the Network File Path or selecting the IP address in the Hosts pane have failed. I get the message that either the host is not available or the files are not available on the host. I've temporarily turned the firewall off, and also tested this on an XP machine with the same VPN setup without success.


The files are open because I can see them as 'Normal' in the FileMaker Server Admin Console and I can open them under Citrix. There appears nothing wrong with the VPN setup as I can see the FMS backup folders in the Finder. I'm mystified. Is there some simple step I've omitted? Any help or advice would be appreciated.