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Can't seem to get all values for stdevp command

Question asked by DragonDave on Sep 15, 2014
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Can't seem to get all values for stdevp command


I think there must be a simple solution for this, but it's eluding me.

I have a bowling database that has a table for the bowler information. There is also a table to hold match results, and that table has 3 scores (score1, score2, score3). So, each BOWLER table will be associated with multiple GAME tables.

I'd like to calculate the std deviation for the bowler, based on all of their bowling scores. So, I tried something like this:

     stdevp (GAME::score1; GAME::score2; GAME::score3)

However, that's ONLY pulling in the values from the FIRST associated GAME record. It's ignoring values from other records.

If I change the calculation to something like this...

     stdevp (GAME::score1) somewhat works, in that it pulls in ALL values for the first score. I just need to be able to pull in the values for ALL scores.