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Can't seem to get Perform Find to work

Question asked by AntonioRivera on Jul 21, 2015
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Can't seem to get Perform Find to work


I'm relatively new to Filemaker (v.14) and still learning a lot. I've written a script to perform a find for me for all records with a SUB_ID > 0. I've written the following script - which doesn't work by the way.

----- start of script

Enter Find Mode [ Restore ] <-- I've specified a Find Request inside for SUB_ID with criteria > 0.

If [ Get (FoundCount) > 0 ]

   Enter Browse Mode [ ]

   Go to Layout [ "Report EOD-X Report" (Orders) ]

   Sort Records [ Restore; No Dialog ]


   Go to Layout ["Main Menu" (Orders) ]

   Show Custom Dialog [ "Information"; "Found no records to report." ]

End if

Enter Browse Mode [ ]

Show All Records

----- end of script

When I run the script I still get unwanted records where the SUB_ID isn't > 0. But when I do a PERFORM FIND from Filemaker and manually enter "> 0" in the SUB_ID field. I get the right output. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.