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Can't send email from one table using info from another . . .

Question asked by chant50 on Nov 3, 2009
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Can't send email from one table using info from another . . .


Here's my problem. I have a table (and layout) called Book_Library. Another table (and layout) called Students. In the Book_Library Table I have a field called Student_Serial and it is related to the Students table to a field called Serial_Number. Looks like this:

Book_Library::Student_Serial  related to Students::Serial_Number.

In the Book_Library layout I made the Student_Serial field a DROP DOWN Value list using the Values from field option, looked up from the field Students::Name. When I click on this field in the Book_library layout the students names drop down as I want and I can pick any of them. Great so far. Oh yeah, this is all done in LIST view. While on the record I want to click a button script and send an email to just that student. I just can't get it to pick up on the email address from the other table. I hope I've been clear enough to have someone help me.