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    Can't share in Windows 8 on two new machines...



      Can't share in Windows 8 on two new machines...



           My basic install on two new Windows 8 machines just isn't communicating on the LAN between the two test machines we set up.  The FM Pro v12.4 is the server at and I can ping it successfully from the other Win8 box, but I don't see any files or hosts.
           Bonjour is installed, the firewall is completely turned off in in System Settings, the router is set to port forward 5003 traffic to the server, I setup IWP on the server and it can't be seen from the other machine but it can be seen from the browser on the same machine, and yes, the file is set to share to all users through Network Sharing that is on.
           Losing eyeballs trying - anyone hit this?

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               The Database has to be openning and running on the host machine.  Networking and IWP is two different things.  Networking is connecting from another computer, iPad, iTouch, or iPhone.  IWP is connecting through a web browser.  IWP default to port 80 and is recommend to use port 591.  To access you database under iwp you would enter the ip address with the port unless the port is 80.     If you want to access iwp from an outside network with a browser then you would setup port forwarding of port 591 or 80.  Then you would use your public ip address (www.ipchicken.com) with the port number .

               Port 5003 will only come into play if you are connecting from an out side network and using open remote.  Filemaker has it own networking.  You connect to the Filemaker computer hosting the database from a second computer running filemaker.  You click Open Remote, which will list the host computer on the left and the hosted database(s) on the right.

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                 Thanks for the response.  I've configured my fair share of boxes so I know the difference between networking and IWP.  I ran IWP as a test of FM12 working properly and networking on the main machine as well as to see if the two machines could see each other outside of my command line ping.  Ping says yes, IWP and FM sharing says no.

                 I tried open remote on the second machine and the host and no files are displayed, yes the database is open, sharing is on.  If I manually type the IP, the machines do not connect still.  Thus my frustration.

                 A friend mentioned Bonjour being blocked by the router but I think this would only affect seeing the databases via Open Remote not full connectivity.

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                   Here's one possibility:     FMP installer does not install server.pem file

                   This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List thread here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

                   It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jt09b82i0xijbu3/FMP%20Bugs.zip

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                     So i updated the server.pem file on both FMPro 12v4 machines and I still haven't solved this issue.  I chose Run As Administrator on the first FMPro machine and the machine did show up initially in Open Remote on the other machine, but no files showed up.  Even that little progress isn't happening any more so I'm completely befuddled on this one.  I did rerun the Bonjour 64 installer but no luck.  Any other ideas?

                     Thanks for the help.

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                       Have you configured the files for sharing? That requires opening the files with FileMaker Pro, selecting sharing | FileMaker Network.

                       There, you click the file in the list box to select it and select "All Users" to enable the file to be shared via FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server.

                       And make sure that the "don't display in Open Remote..." has not been selected for the file.

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                         Without question, I have setup sharing on FileMaker and on the file itself, for all users.  There's no custom privilege filtering of any kind.

                         Thanks again.


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                           Your earlier comments doesn't make sense.   Filemaker is only design to  open shared databases with Open Remote, there is no full connectivity.

                           Filemaker is not design to be shared with windows networking, using another method than Open Remote to Connect to the hosted file can cause corruption of the database.   You can use open remote from a script, without a dialog box.

                           Bonjour is required on windows machines to discover remote networks.   http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7097/~/about-installing-bonjour-on-windows

                      http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6096 provides information about setting up sharing.  It is recommend by most professionals that the same computer should host the databases all the time, it's not required, just less problematic. 


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                             If I've miscommunicated, it's only because I'm overtired on banging my head at the proverbial wall.  I appreciate the feedback, but I've setup hundreds of FileMaker setups in various shapes and sizes and have done the uber-basic things, like making sure FM Network Sharing is enabled and make sure Sharing is set on the file within FM.  I'm not touching this file with any other sharing/networking, but my initial comment was to say that I also tried setting up IWP IN ADDITION to the sharing functionality I need, as a test.  Neither computer can see IWP on the other machine.  I did this as a diagnostic to see if only FM Network Sharing visibility wasn't working.

                             Here's what I've tried:


                        1.           Standard install from the installer on both machines.
                        3.           Both machines have FMPro and not Server or Server Advanced
                        5.           FM Network Sharing is setup
                        7.           Filesharing on the file is setup in FM Network sharing on the primary machine
                        9.           I reinstalled the server.pem file in the root of the FileMaker exe folder on both machines
                        11.           I re-ran the installer for Bonjour64 to ensure it was installed, and received no errors.
                        13.           The client did something screwy and reimaged her secondary/client computer so I reinstalled FM 12v3 again on that box, all looks ok
                        15.           I completely disabled the firewall on the primary machine
                        17.           I setup port forwarding on port 5003 in the NetGear router to point to the primary server machine
                        19.           I tried serving files from either computer, and neither can see the other in Open Remote
                        21.           I can ping to each machine from the other
                        23.           I can see the other machine in the Homegroup network (and have copied files to and fro over the network)
                        25.           I setup IWP on both machines and I can NOT see the IWP homepage from an opposite computer, but I can see it from the same computer.
                        27.           At one point I ran a test to Run FM as Administrator and the server temporarily showed up on the other machine, but no files were available
                        29.           Each and every time, I have typed the Remote URL and it has never connected.
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                               You might keep in mind that FileMaker Tech support does not charge for helping with installation issues such as this one.