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Can't start FM10 database server from within Admin Console...

Question asked by Woodman on Jan 31, 2010
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Can't start FM10 database server from within Admin Console...


I did a reinstall of the Admin Console because it wouldn't start for me.  FM Tech Support thought it had to do with the fact that the dual NICs on my server had FM10 Admin Console confused.  They recommended that I uninstall the Admin Console, then reinstall it with the WAN NIC disabled.  After following those instructions, the Admin Server opened beautifully and allowed me to make some config entries... specifically scheduling regular backups. I thought I was done, but.......


I then closed the AdminServer, rebooted the machine, successfully opened Admin Server again, but now can't do anything with it.  Pop up message says " Admin Console functionality is limited to Filemaker Server Overview and the Log Viewer."  And it's not lying.  That's all I can get to.  There is also an Event ID in the Event view that says "Remote administrator connection from was refused."  Ports 5003, 50003, and 50006, 16000, 16001, and 16004 are all open.  I don't do anything that requires the Web or ODBC/JDBC.


Now, if I go to the file menu --> Server --> Start DataBase Server nothing happens... Admin Console still thinks the DataBase Server is not started. 


The FileMaker Server Service is started and running.  In fact, the Database Server must be running because all of the client PCs in the network can access the Database and the backups that I scheduled before the Console locked me out are taking place.  I just can't do any more Administering within the Admin Console.  


The FileMaker Server and Admin Console are running on a server with Win2008 Server Std Edition OS.  I'm wondering if the dual NICs are still causing grief.  When I reinstalled the Admin Console with the WAN NIC disabled, should I have also unistalled and reinstalled the FM10 Server too?  


Here's one more thing that I have noticed. When I launch FileMakePro, I am presented with the "Open New or Existing File" dialog box.  If I click the "Remote" button, I am presented with the "Open Remote File" dialog box. If I choose "Local Host" in the drop down box, it puts my Server machine name with its LAN IP address in the host list.  This is the IP address it should be.  But, if I choose "Favorite Hosts" in the drop down, it gives me two entries.... one for the server machine name with the LAN IP and the other one is the server machine name with the WAN IP.  It doesn't matter which of these two hosts I choose, I'm still pointed to the correct database file.  Is this normal for a server machine with two NICs?


I would really like to be able to resolve this thing with the Admin Console so I can use it.  All feedback is welcome.