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Can't start instant web publishing

Question asked by on Aug 25, 2011
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Can't start instant web publishing


Filemaker Pro Advanced, version 11.4. Lion OS, with the first update. Every time I start Filemaker Pro Advanced there's a long wait and I'm told that I can't share files on the web because instant web publishing can't be enabled. Trying to enable it from "Sharing" produces a 30 second beachball and the same message. Network Sharing is enabled.

Might the problem be with plugins? In the same folder as FMPro Advanced I have an "Extensions" folder with four plugin files: AutoUpdate, FMTouchSync, Web, and xDBC. But only two of them (AutoUpdate and FMTouchSync) show up in the "Plugins" window of Preferences. Coule the problem be related to this?

All suggestions appreciated.