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Can't start IWP on FMP11

Question asked by aranciavolante on Apr 1, 2010
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Can't start IWP on FMP11


Hi all,


I recently upgraded from FMP10 to FMP11 version on my WinXP PC at work (with a clean disintallation and a new installation of the new bundle), but I got a problem... When I try to enable IWP I got this messagebox:


"Filemaker Pro cannot start IWP because Filemaker Server or another instance of FileMaker Pro are running on this machine"


I tried disinstalling and deleting the registry keys of FMP, but when I reinstalled it again, the problem was still there. I called the help center by phone and the only solution they suggested me was to reinstall Windows... :smileyvery-happy:


Do you have any BETTER idea?


P.S.: I used port n.591 for IWP and my PC is on the office intranet.


Thanks in advance for your help,

keep on the good work