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Can't turn off spell checking...

Question asked by Rackman on Oct 7, 2010
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Can't turn off spell checking...



I'm having a weird problem with the spell checker.  We recently switched to's FileMaker hosting program and since then, our machines won't keep the option to check for misspelled words turned off.

I've gone to the File menu > File Options... and then to the Spelling tab and have unchecked "Indicate questionable words with special underline" but each time I login to our database, this feature is turned on again (box is checked). 

I called the hosting company and they said this would have nothing to do with them as it's a local setting. They suggested I look for help in this forum.

It just seems strange to me that this didn't start happening until we started using a hosted database.

Any ideas to solve this annoyance is appreciated.