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    Can't view linked files on PC



      Can't view linked files on PC


      I have searched for this problem in the forum but couldn't find an answer, so apologies if it has already been addressed:

      I have a database running under FM Server 11 and various machines linking to it using FM Pro 11. Within the database, we upload proofs copies of adverts onto our system which is ALWAYS done by operators using Apple iMacs.

      This works fine and all the Apple Mac machines are able to see the advert proofs. However, when we attempt to view the proofs using PCs, we get an error message stating:

      "The File cannot be found: filename.pdf"

      The filename it returns is always the correct filename but I suspect my issue is the way Filemaker handles the paths to the files on PC v Apple Macs?

      Hope someone can help

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          File Paths are slightly different in the two platforms.

          Rather than post a short explanation, this Google has good explanations in the top five links


          With number one being the Filemaker Inc Help Page for FilePaths


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            If you have set this up like I think you have, you are absolutely correct that the problem lies in the differences between Mac and Windows systems.

            I believe you have container fields where you store references to your "uploaded" files rather than a physical copy of the actual file. This works for all users on your system only if the file path from their computer to the shared directory where this file is stored is identical for all users. Since windows systems typically Start such a file path with a Drive letter like D: and mac systems do not, you likely do not have identical paths to this shared directory. (The directory must also be mounted in order for filemaker to access the file also.)

            One solution is to define a calculation field that returns a container type. You can construct a calculation that extracts the filepath from the container where you inserted the file--specifying store by reference and then produces a file path that starts with the text appropriate to the current user's operating system and then appends the extracted filepath. The resulting container field then works from both platforms as long as the shared directory is correctly mapped and mounted.