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Can't view linked files on PC

Question asked by kennyferg on Jul 5, 2010
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Can't view linked files on PC


I have searched for this problem in the forum but couldn't find an answer, so apologies if it has already been addressed:

I have a database running under FM Server 11 and various machines linking to it using FM Pro 11. Within the database, we upload proofs copies of adverts onto our system which is ALWAYS done by operators using Apple iMacs.

This works fine and all the Apple Mac machines are able to see the advert proofs. However, when we attempt to view the proofs using PCs, we get an error message stating:

"The File cannot be found: filename.pdf"

The filename it returns is always the correct filename but I suspect my issue is the way Filemaker handles the paths to the files on PC v Apple Macs?

Hope someone can help