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Can't wrap my head around relational datbases

Question asked by NickCohen on May 30, 2013
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Can't wrap my head around relational datbases


     Hey guys!

I'm currently working on creating a database to keep track of all the film photography I shoot. I want to have two basic forms. One that records date for individual rolls of film. For example, what kind of film, when and where it was shot, how it was processed, etc. The other one will be to keep track of individual frames from each roll, with informaiton like what settings that individual frame was shot with, whether or not a print was made of it, what time it was taken, etc.. So for example, one form for the row and one form for each frame on the roll. On the roll form, there would be a list of each frame that has a print made from it, and from there you could click to that frame and see all the individual details about that frame as well. Is this possible with FM? let me know if I need to clarify anything.