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Cancel calculation if one field is empty.

Question asked by RolandGomez on Aug 17, 2015
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Cancel calculation if one field is empty.



          Scratching my head on this one and I'm sure the function "if" and "is empty" is going to be involved, but I'm a little lost here. I have a report that summarizes the results of our tax consulting department (protesting real estate taxes). Our percentages are a little skewed because the calculation is summarizing records that have empty fields. 


"Assessed Value" - "Reduction Value" = "Reduction Value Difference" and "Reduction Value Difference Percentage"

(the difference is important because that is what our client's bill is based on) Throughout the tax season "Reduction Value" will be blank until we've actually derived a conclusion, so right now the calculation is doing this

Ex: "$24,273.00" - "Blank" = "$24,273.00" and "100%" which is not correct.

Subsequently my performance reports that summarize this info are all jacked up and the "do not calculate if all fields are empty" doesn't help because only one field is empty.

Any ideas of how to stop the calculation until all necessary fields are containing a value???

Thanks again for everything.

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