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Cancelling Edits In IWP without the Status Bar

Question asked by carolyn on Jul 29, 2010
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Cancelling Edits In IWP without the Status Bar


Hi All,

I have a new twist on this issue.  I am working with IWP.  I too am  trying to recreate the functionality of the IWP Cancel button in a  custom button.  Here is my problem.  I have  a portal.  Within the  portal is a field with a drop down list with the options include arrow  and auto complete using value list.  The field has a validation that the  value must be a member of the value list. 

During a testing procedure, I noted it was possible for a user to not  select a value in theis field so when the request was sent back to the  database the validation error message displayed. I pressed OK.  The  problem record was still active; however, I was not able to do anything to  resolve the situation except click the cancel button in the status  area.  The problem is that I need to hide the status area for other  reasons, so I need to create a custom button to the the same thing.  So  far I have failed.

I have tried:

revert record

revert record

enter browse mode

Exit script

And possibly some other combinations.

Any help would be appreciated.