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    Cannot 'Add a note'



      Cannot 'Add a note'


      I have just purchased FileMaker Pro 10 and begun importing data from existing Microsoft Excel.  I believed everything was going smoothly until I tried to add a note to one of the records.  Each time I click on 'add note' the window refreshes back to the 'Address' tab.  Interestingly I am able to 'Add a note' when entering 'New record.'  It also rather appears the 'Related Contacts' tab is also unavailable to all imported data!  


      Does anyone know what is going on?  Cheers.   

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          Steve Lewis:


          Thank you for your post.


          I'm a bit confused, since FileMaker PRo does not have an "add note" and "Address" tab built-in, so you are probably using a template or file that was given to you.  Can you explain this a bit more?  How did you create this file?  Any other information you can provide may be helpful in determining possible causes.



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