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Cannot Add Note in "Contact Management" Solution

Question asked by JoePorretta on Aug 16, 2011
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Cannot Add Note in "Contact Management" Solution


Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone can offer some help on the following problem I am having: I created a new database using the "Contact Management" solution provided with the FileMaker Pro software. I imported records from a CSV file that I exported from Maximizer CRM. When viewing a record using the "Record Detail" view, I am unable to add a note to an imported record. When I click the "Notes" tab and click "Add Note" the program simply switches back to the address tab instantly and no note is added.

It may be worth mentioning that this problem only applies to records that have been IMPORTED. If I create a new record, I can add a note. Seems strange. 

All of my permissions are set to full access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.