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Cannot create custom label size in FileMaker Pro 5.5

Question asked by donviper on Feb 4, 2010
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Cannot create custom label size in FileMaker Pro 5.5




OS : Windows XP

FileMaker Pro 5.5 


Currently we have a very old label printer, that prints onto a continuos roll of labels, 1 label wide. The size of the labels on the roll are 1.25" wide by 0.25" high, the total lenght of the roll they are on is about 1.39"


I am trying to create a new database that will allow us to print two fields onto these labels. They are not AVERY labels, they are ZEBRA brand. The old database still prints perfectly fine.


The existing database was setup by a woman who has not worked with us for a very long time. She, apparently was the only one in the entire building who knew how to use FileMaker. I was nominated the task of trying to replicate her database so that we could make some changes, since we cannot edit her layouts.


I have attached an image that shows the error I get when trying to create a custom label size. It gives me the same error when I try to click the Fixed Page Margins checkbox and try to enter numbers in there.


I really wish I could just edit her old layout so that we could change just one field. There are a lot of things she has built into the layout that I am trying to reproduce, but as directed I will tackle them one at a time.


I don't know really what I am doing in FileMaker Pro, but I am technical enough that I can follow directions or a well written tutorial. I was able to reproduce the view of the layout exactly as she had it, but that's not hard now is it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.