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    Cannot Delete Records



      Cannot Delete Records


      I have created a Filemaker account with read-only rights for someone else to access my database.  A situation developed where I cannot delete records under my own admin Filemaker account. 

      I have checked under File | Manage | Accounts & Priviledges to verify that my admin account is showing "Full Access" yet when I pull up a record, the Delete button in the top panel is greyed out.  I have tried every layout with the same result. 

      Trying to figure out what I could have done to prevent me from deleting records if my account has full access account priviledges.

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          Do you have FileMaker Advanced? If so, might you have set up a custom menu that disables the delete record menu option?

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            Yes, Phil, sorry forgot to say I have FM 10 Pro Advanced.  But with you mentioning custom menu I checked and realized I had set my set of menus to the read-only user's so worked at it until I got the FM Standard set to re-stick to my admin account.  So thanks, that fixed it for me, but...

            Here's what I'm trying to do.  I took my video database and copied it over, then customized the layouts, menus, etc, for purpose of using this db for creating a real-time application for a friend.

            I have the solution starting up with the read-only user id auto-logging in.  However, when I send an exported FM file to them to import, I want them to have the ability to import the records.  For that they need to have some elevated permissions.

            So I figured I would create an elevated account for them for just the purpose of importing records.  Otherwise they would work under the read-only account.  I am thinking I would create a script with a front-end menu utility area where, by clicking on the button ("Import Records" for example), the script would log them on to their elevated permissions account, do the import, then re-log them back into their read-only account.

            To make a custom menu set adhere to a FM account is where I'm messing it up.

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              Phil to follow-up what I guess I am asking is, how do I associate a specific set of Custom Menu objects to a FM account?  I cannot find a clear indication where this is done.

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                First, take a look at the Install Menu Set script step. You can use a script that installs different menu sets for different users when the layout is first entered.

                Next, consider using a script set to "run with full access privileges". Such a script can do things for a user that their privilege set does not permit and thus can get the job done without needing to log in and out with a different account.

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                  Thanks, Phil.  I'll work on this and give you an update in a day or so.  I did not realize you could control this by script.  I should have known to look at that.  I figured out it can be part of a logon script as well as by layout.  So even though an initial launch of the application might log the user on with basic read-only rights and install the preferred custome menu set, the menu set can be swapped out as need by layout and/or script with elevated priviledges for whatever function.  Thanks.

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                    Good morning, Phil.  Your direction to handle custom menu sets via scripts and/or layout load is working fine and resolves this issue.

                    I do have one question regarding the feature in FM where I have a button that kicks off a script to create a PDF file.  It runs fine in the FM database file; however, when I use the Developer tool to create the runtime version, when I launch that solution and click on the button to create and display the PDF file, nothing happens.

                    If I go back and modify the script to save as an Excel or HTML file and then create a new runtime with those settings, both file types generate a file.  So my only issue is with not being able to create a PDF output file.

                    I can live with Excel or HTML, but prefer PDF.  I'm just trying to understand what I might be doing wrong.

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                      Save as PDF is not supported in runtimes. FileMaker Inc. did not license the technology from Adobe for use with runtimes. Generating a PDF from a runtime can be done, but requires using a PDF writing utility that you select in the print dialogs like you would a printer.

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                        Well that's nice to know.  Since any PDF writer utility may vary (or not even exist) on another user's computer I will just go the simple route and generate an Excel or html file.

                        Thanks for all your help in this.  I continue to learn a lot, good thing I'm retired!