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Cannot enter data into my fields

Question asked by adelgado81 on Dec 8, 2009
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Cannot enter data into my fields



I have been using filemaker pro 8 on windows xp for more than a year now but still consider myself a novice user.  I'm using the program to create notecards for dissertation research.  I created a database with several fields in which I enter textual and numerical data.  I entered data last night and filemaker was working fine -- I went to bed and put my computer on "stand by".  This morning, I opened the database and created a new record but the program would not allow me to type in numerical or textual data into the particular fields.  When I scroll through older records, the numbers that indicate what record I'm looking at get progressively darker and basically turn into black rectangles.  I can see the older records with all the data I entered in the past but when I attempt to access the fields to edit or enter new data, it does nothing -- the mouse just clicks with no result.  The only thing that does happen is that the two symbols for "cut" (scissors) and "copy" (two pieces of paper) on the toolbar will highlight and fade at the same time as if I were clicking on them.  I restarted my computer and relaunched filemaker pro several times but with no results.  I also tried "recovering" the databases but the same thing happened with the recovered database.  Please help!