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Cannot enter portal in IWP

Question asked by levleviev on Jun 7, 2010
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Cannot enter portal in IWP




I'm making a database in FM 10 Advanced on my 10.4.11 OS X mac.  I am moderately experienced with FM. This issue is with IWP.


I have a layout with a portal, and in IWP I can't click inside it. No field can be entered, either new or existing, and even the Delete Portal Row button doesn't work.

If I add a "Go To Field" step to my Add Portal Row script, that one field is entered and editable, but still nothing else can be clicked.

Elsewhere in my database, portals work fine with IWP.

Here's a picture of a row from the portal. I understand this might be a layout problem, but I don't know what the issue can be.

No Porals


Thanks for any advice,
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