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Cannot escape from looped dialogue box

Question asked by easyway on Jan 28, 2014
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Cannot escape from looped dialogue box


     I've just created lock fields for two field in the database and using the OnObjectEnter script procedure which was working fine in a new layout I created to test it.

     However on the final test I after adding the script to the second field I wanted to lock I appear to be locked into a loop which I can't escape from: my own dialogue box text saying "Existing data cannot be changed" comes up with a "Cancel" button and an "OK" button but clicking on either of these simply causes the dialogue box to flicker and the cursor remains in one of the fields which can't be modified. Nothing else is clickable except these two dialogue buttons so I'm trapped. I can't close file or even the programme.

     Any ideas anyone? Or am I really in the soup?