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Cannot figure out <Index Missing>

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 26, 2013
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Cannot figure out



     I am having issues viewing a field in a layout.  It shows "<Index Missing>" and I cannot figure out why.  I looked over several forum posts and I believe it may be in the field I use for the relationship between the two tables.  Let me explain:

     Employees and Stats

     Employees          Stats
     STARTDATE <= Date
     ENDDATE     >= Date
     cOmitDates    !=  Date
     EmployeeID  = EmployeeID

     I am now trying to create an error report.  I want to know if Stats::Hours, for instance, is a certain value.  I created a layout that is using Stats and it displays name, date and several stats.  I have the layout and it returns the correct data in the order I want but the field "Employee Name" states "<index missing>".  Date, EmployeeID and start/end dates are all indexed values.  cOmitDates, however, is not.  Is this the reason for the issue?

     Any help pinpointing this would be awesome.  Thanks in advance.