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    Cannot figure out <Index Missing>



      Cannot figure out



           I am having issues viewing a field in a layout.  It shows "<Index Missing>" and I cannot figure out why.  I looked over several forum posts and I believe it may be in the field I use for the relationship between the two tables.  Let me explain:

           Employees and Stats

           Employees          Stats
           STARTDATE <= Date
           ENDDATE     >= Date
           cOmitDates    !=  Date
           EmployeeID  = EmployeeID

           I am now trying to create an error report.  I want to know if Stats::Hours, for instance, is a certain value.  I created a layout that is using Stats and it displays name, date and several stats.  I have the layout and it returns the correct data in the order I want but the field "Employee Name" states "<index missing>".  Date, EmployeeID and start/end dates are all indexed values.  cOmitDates, however, is not.  Is this the reason for the issue?

           Any help pinpointing this would be awesome.  Thanks in advance.

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               Is the field formatted with a value list?

               If so, check the value list as "use values from a field" value lists draw their values from the specified field's index.

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                 Hey Phil!  I confirmed what I think you were referring to.  In inspector (data tab), Control Style is Edit box.  This does not allow for value list.  I may be in the completely wrong location.  I also have no value lists set up to use the "EmployeeName" field.  I did not mention but "EmployeeName" is located in the Employee table.

                 EDIT:  I have FM12.

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                   Then look at the match fields in the realtionship on the "many" other side of the relationship to the Employee table. One of them is either unstored or has indexing turned off.

                   I suspect that cOmitDates is your culprit.


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                     Thanks for the quick response!  I am now viewing cOmitDates.  It appears that it cannot be indexed, due to the set up.  I don't know if you remember but you helped me out with this field.  Let me explain:

                     cOmitDates is devined as a Calculation Field = List(DatesOmitted::DateToOmit) & ¶ & "1/1/1".
                     I attempted to uncheck the "Do not Store Calculation results" but it says: "The calculation “cOmitDates” cannot be stored or indexed because it references a related field, a summary field, an unstored calculation field, or a field with global storage."
                     I then looked at the DatesOmitted table.  DateToOmit is a date field and not a calculation, global or summary field.  

                     I am not sure if this is the issue or not but cOmitDates is currently not an index field because it is an unstored value.  Is this related or am I lost again?  

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                       Yes, I remember it. Calculation fields that reference data in a related table cannot ever be indexed because only stored calculation fields may be indexed.

                       You'll need to take a step back and rethink your approach here.

                       Apologies for doing things this way with you, but I could have spelled all this out in my first post, but I was deliberately trying to hint you to a point where you can figure this out for yourself.

                       If all you need is the employee name, add a new occurrence of Employees and link it to stats by only the Employee ID field. You can then pull fields from this new occurrence to display data from that table on your stats layout.

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                         Yeah.  I figured it was cOmitDates to begin with.  I tried to just do a relationship ID to ID and use that for the EmployeeName field that I'm trying to display but it said unrelated table.  I may create a complete relationship (just without cOmitDates) and change the layout to use this relationship.  I'd be displaying an error report on the omitted days but it should work fine.  Thanks for clearifying and helping.

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                           Do you understand what is meant by "Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?"?

                           This should not produce "unrelated table" if you link in the new occurrence of Employee by employee ID and then add the employee name field from this new occurrence of your employee table.