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cannot get  Find and Replace to work for me

Question asked by katrinerd on Jun 19, 2010
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cannot get  Find and Replace to work for me


1. Filemaker version 8.5

2. Mac OSX 10.5.8


Hello All,


I am working with a natural history video database, and finding that some animals have been incorrectly labeled in a "Description" field. This is simply a text field, where we describe a clip. I want to replace the animal name in these instances. What I am trying is, first searching for all of one type of mistake. For example, all clips that include "sea lion," where it should say "harbor seal" instead. Then I try Find and Replace, and enter sea lion and harbor seal, respectively. Then I replace all. But I keep getting the Summary that 0 occurrences were found, and 0 replaced. I have tried with and without quotations. 


Wonder if someone could tell me what I am missing.


Thank you so much!