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Cannot get an accurate count of related records

Question asked by brianbeshears on Feb 18, 2010
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Cannot get an accurate count of related records


I have 2 related tables   1. TITLES and  2. KEYWORDS   These are related via a 3rd table named KEYWORDING.


In the KEYWORD table, I have a field that is a COUNT function of the number of Titles related to a Keyword.  This calculation works and always reports the total number of Title records containing that Keyword.

I would like however to have it calculate only the number of related records within the Found Set ( on the Titles table ).

So, if there are 50 total related records and the Titles table is showing ALL records ( all records Found ), then the calculation should report 50.

If however, in a particular found set there are only 20 related records, then I would like the calculation to report 20.



My storage settings are correctly set to not store.