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    Cannot get Go to Object to work



      Cannot get Go to Object to work


      I have FileMaker 14 on OS X. I have a layout that is taller than my laptop screen, so I currently navigate it by scrolling to different parts of the layout. I am trying to simplify this by setting a script to scroll to specific locations on the layout. It seems Go to Object would be applicable, but I cannot get it to work. 

      I have set a name for the object (which is a grouped collection of fields and labels) in the inspector. I create a one-step script with Go to Object taking that object's name as the parameter. When somewhere else on the layout, I run the script but nothing happens. It seems like it should scroll the layout to that object. Am I misunderstanding Go to Object or how it is set up?


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          Try a different kind of layout object such as a field or button that can receive the focus when go to object specifies it's object name.

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            Thank you for the reply.

            So, Go to Object will not work for a named group? I've also tried for a label but it does not work either. I guess these are not considered objects?

            It does work for a field. This is less than ideal for me, because it pushes the label above the field off screen, and I lose that for context. It's not the end of the world though. I can live with this.

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              I was able to solve this by changing the label above the field to a button that does nothing. This allows me to go to it and then tab into the field below.

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                They are indeed objects. But go to object is intended to put the "focus" on the named object. It's that "change of focus" that scrolls the layout.

                Not all objects can receive such a focus. Putting the focus on a field puts the cursor into that field. On a button, the button highlights so that you can use the enter key to "click" the button.

                Fields, buttons, portals, plus tab control, slide control or popover panels can receive the focus. Layout text, graphic objects, and pictures placed directly on the layout cannot receive the focus. Grouped objects other than objects "grouped" into a button using button setup also cannot receive the focus.

                Thus a safe object to use as a "scroll point" might be a "do nothing" button placed on the layout for that purpose. Multiple copies, of a global field, each with a different object name might also be used.

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                  Thank you again for these helpful insights!