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Cannot Insert Photos into Container Field (individual .jpgs grayed out)

Question asked by awhurley11 on Aug 31, 2009
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Cannot Insert Photos into Container Field (individual .jpgs grayed out)


Hi there,

I am working on a membership directory of sorts in FM Pro 5, which includes member pictures as well as their contact information. I did some research on my issue, and I confirmed that indeed the field I am using (Photo) is a CONTAINER field, and I am in Browse mode. When I click on the entry, and then the field where the photo belongs, I then go to Insert->Picture-> find the location where my photos are, but every single one of them are grayed out. They are .jpg files.

I don't know if it matters, but the FileMaker program (FMPro 5) is on a mac, while the photos were uploaded and cropped on my PC. I sent them over with a flash drive. 
The photos are saved on a server, but I tried moving them to the internal HD, no luck.
Has anyone had this problem before, and do you have any suggestions?