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Cannot load dictionary Error FMPro10; Win 7

Question asked by thaiss on Jul 16, 2014
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Cannot load dictionary Error FMPro10; Win 7



I support a few dozen computer that use FileMaker Pro 10. Over the last three months users have been getting cannot load dictionary error when they try to enter data. It is inconsistant but spreading. Most users use Win7 Pro (64) with Office products.

A reinstall of FMP10 can work. But we have FMP locked down, so users can't turn off setting or effect the database outside of the data entry screens.

If the error occurs it can be intermittent or on every keystroke. Also, if you go to edit dictionary; it will error.

I have created a new dictionary, but this doesn’t solve the issue.

In all cases the dictionary is local and located in the default location. I have tried copying a version of the US dictionary from a pc without this issue to one that has it and it doesn’t fix it.

Sometimes it takes multiple installs to fix the issue. We have been using FMP for maybe a decade and on FMP10 for a year or two without issue.

All pc’s use BitDefender and Office products.

We are considering upgrading FMP, but this might not fix the issue.

I have looked through the Forum extensively and not found a solution. Turning off "check questionable words" is not a solution.