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    cannot load main spelling dictionary



      cannot load main spelling dictionary


           For years now, I occasionally I get the "cannot load main spelling dictionary' error message, which will continue to pop up on every click thereafter until I re-start FM. (re-opening doesn't fix it.


           I am trying to pin point when it happens & all I can tell is it seems to happen some time only after running a script (can't isolate which one yet)

           I am opening remote, using 12 v4 and the dictioanry files seem to be fine!

           Any ideas?

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               I have a client who has just started to have this problem on various machines, all FM 12 v4. 

               Are you on a PC, which OS and do you have a Anti-Virus program installed?

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                 PC - Win 7 64 bit FMP 12 & 13 - Microsoft security essentials

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                   I have seen this happen at one location. Randomly it will not load the dictionary. Client is using a mix of Win XP 32-bit SP3 and Win 7 32-bit SP1 workstations. 

                   Needed to reinstall all FMPro 12.04 clients. Hopefully the issues does not reoccur. 

                   Has anyone gotten to the bottom of this?

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                     Been running FileMaker Pro 8 on four office computers for many years.  Never had this issue until recently.  Exactly as described, FileMaker must be shut down to temporarily resolve, but then randomly re-occurs after some hours of use and pretty much cripples the program..  Spelling dictionaries are present,  in their correct file location.  Changing dictionaries had no effect.  Uninstalling and re-installing FileMaker had no effect.   This was occurring on both Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

                     BitDefender antivirus had recently replaced our previous Kaspersky antivirus, but uninstalling BitDefender did not resolve the issue.    I then discovered that the current FileMaker  files saved to removable drives would function without issue on machines that had NEVER run BitDefender.  The FileMaker Pro files themselves seemed OK.  I suspected that when BitDefender interacted with FileMaker Pro it had effected system changes that were not resolved by simply uninstalling the antivirus or FileMaker Pro.

                     I saved all files to a USB drive, restored all the afflicted computers to initial factory settings, reloaded FileMaker Pro, installed different antivirus (Avast), and then reloaded all saved files.  It's now been 7 weeks without the  "Cannot Find Main Spelling Dictionary" issue cropping up on any machines.  We couldn't get through 10 hours of computer use before this fix.

                     Don't know if this solution was overkill, but it is working......so far.

                     Don't know if this was peculiar to BitDefender, or if other antivirus updates could be causing the same issue.


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                       Grant MOrgenstern,

                       I second BitDefender as the cause.

                       I too recently installed BitDefender and believe it is the cause of the "cannot load dictionary" error. I have not formatted and do not really have that option at this time.

                       I turned off BitDefender and still get the error. Is there any additional troubleshooting I could do to try and correct the problem?

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                         Keep in mind I am not an IT tech, just a frustrated user sharing my experience up to this point.  Turning BitDefender off, or even uninstalling BitDefender, had no effect.  It seems like the damage was already done.  I had to wipe the slate clean and start over.  Thank heavens it didn't seem to affect the FileMaker files themselves.   Saving your files to a USB drive and seeing if will run properly on another CPU that has FileMaker installed, but never had BitDefender installed, should tell you if BitDefender was the issue.   I can verify that there has been no issue recurrence while using the free AVAST antivirus (BitDefender was paid version). That is not to say other antivirus programs may not have conflicts with FileMaker just as BitDefender did.    Perhaps restoring the computer to a backup point previous to installation of BitDefender may provide a solution ? That was not an option for me.  



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                           Hey Grant,

                           I uninstalled BitDefender and restarted and the error has been resolved.

                           In my case, BitDefender was the sole cause of the problem.