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    Cannot open database (permission denied)



      Cannot open database (permission denied)




      I can't open my database anymore; it says permission denied. I changed a setting in File > File Options. Previously a box was checked that said "Log in using..." the username was "Admin" and the password field was blank. I wanted to password protect the file so I entered a password into the field and hit OK. But now when I try to open the database, it doesn't prompt me for a password, instead it just locked me out of the file completely: "<Filename>.fp7 could not be opened. (Permission Denied) 


      I know now that I was supposed to go into Manage > Accounts & Privileges to do this. But I have no idea how to rectify this problem. Is Filemaker trying to open the file with an account that doesn't have the proper privileges? An account that doesn't exist? Is there a way to reset the privileges on the file?

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Edit: I'm using 10 Advanced with Vista SP1


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          The setting in File Options that you used is for using a specified password to open the file without asking the user for it. In your case, you appear to have specified an account name password combination that has not yet been defined in access privileges.


          Hold down the shift key while opening the file. Then you'll get the log-in in screen popping up again so that you can open the file. If you haven't set up a password in access privileges, you should be able to open the file by entering admin in the account name box and leaving the password box empty.



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               Thanks for the suggestion. I tried holding shift, and nothing new happens. I get the same error. The only difference is that Filemaker sometimes hangs at startup, telling me that it's not responding. After a while it responds and the "permission denied" box pops up. Are there any alternate commands to do this?
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              I think you're tripping some other problem, perhaps a user account problem on your computer?


              I tried replicating what I thought you had done and filemaker wouldn't let me. If I try to specify a password that is not defined in accounts and privileges, I get an error message and can't dismiss the file options dialog. If then specify a valid password, enter it in File Options, then return to accounts and privileges and delete this password. I automatically get the password dialog when I open the file.