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cannot open FMP7 after OS reinstall

Question asked by fmp7 on Jun 22, 2010
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cannot open FMP7 after OS reinstall


Am I out of luck? I recently did a clean install of OS10.5 on my PowerBook G4 (PPC). Before the clean install, I copied my applications folder, including FMP7 to a DVD-R. After the clean install, I copied FMP7 back to the laptop, but FMP7 will not launch. It tries, but eventually I get an error message "FMP7 quit unexpectedly". I presume there was another file placed in another location during the original install that is no longer available. I presume that I'm supposed to reinstall. Problem is, I don't seem to have the original file. The software was purchased online as a download; It was some time ago, but I'm guessing that I must have never made a hard copy. FMP7 seems to no longer be supported, but I was quite happy with and it was working fine for my needs. I did copy some other system files before the clean install, so it seems possible to me that I may have the piece I need somehwere, if I knew what to look for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance.