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Cannot Open Remotely Shared file in FMP 11

Question asked by AdrianLew on Jul 18, 2011
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Cannot Open Remotely Shared file in FMP 11


I'm having a problem here where I posted a .FP7 file on my network and enabled it to be shared, but nobody other than myself can open it in FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced

The file is on my network server, and I adjusted the AD security permissions in Windows under Effective Permissions to read, write, and modify - but so far, only the owner of the file can open it.  I'm not opening the file through LDAP

I followed the steps in the KB article when I open the file:  Go 'File' --> Select 'Open Remote' --> and I get the Open Remote File' dialog box.  I type in the full network path where the .FP7 file resides, but still cannot open.  I get an error message that the file cannot be opened or has not be enabled for network sharing.

All of this happening on my LAN so I don't need to open up the router port 5003, etc.  I wonder what I'm doing wrong here?