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    Cannot open training file.



      Cannot open training file.


      I using FileMaker Pro 12 Trial for open the training file name "01a_FTS_Meetings.fp7"

      than error message "Your current version,Pro 12.0v1,is not supported by this file"

      Please help me.
      Sorry if my language is not good.

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          This is a file from the Filemaker 11 training series, correct?

          It has a script that performs on opening that keeps you from opening the file with another version of FileMaker.

          Do you have a copy of FileMaker 11?

          If so, you can open the file in FileMaker 11, go to File Options and clear the option that performs a script when the file is opened or find the script and edit it to remove this part of the script. Then convert the file to .FMP12 format and you'll be able to access it in FileMaker 12.

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            FP7 is the file format for FMP ver7 thru ver11

            FP12 is the file format for FMP ver12

            Database conversion has to be done, Filemaker will convert the most previous version to it's version.

            You can open Filemaker, from the File menu choose open and the database will be optionally renamed, converted, and saved to your choice of a location.

            OR you can select, drag and drop one or more databases onto the Filemaker Application, all selected databases will be converted.

            Database conversion to fmp12 remove extention from external data source file name