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Cannot print the pdf created in Filemaker Pro 12

Question asked by Sarah/FrankKragh on Mar 2, 2013
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Cannot print the pdf created in Filemaker Pro 12


     I haven't already searched forums, and the internet for an explanation for this problem, but I haven't found one yet! I found similar problems, but not the same as the one I'm having.

     There are certain layouts I have in my database that I always save as pdf, because they are forms I send to customers etc. I have never had a problem with them, until recently. One of my customers emailed back and said he could not print off the pdf I sent him. So, I opened my original file, and tried to print it. It immediately come up with the errors;

     "The document could not be printed." followed by; "There were no pages selected to print." followed by; "A drawing error occurred."

     I have no problem printing off other pdfs created through Word and other programs. Only the pdfs created in Filemaker suddenly won't print anymore. I tried printing using the network printer, my local printer, a different network printer, but had no luck. The same errors came up.

     I also already tried, uninstalling & reinstalling Adobe, but that didn't work. Restarting my computer, but that didn't change anything either. I thought maybe it was just my computer, so I sent the pdf to another computer and tried printing, but it wouldn't. I also tried using our other computer (running Filemaker Pro 12, separate license) to save a pdf & print it, but it doesn't work either. All these above methods I tried still give the same error. (And there might have been a couple other things I tested out, that I forgot to mention).

     I should mention that I can, however, print the pdf file IF on the print screen, I click on "Advanced" and choose to print the pdf as an image file. But this is not conducive to business if I have to tell every customer that they can only print the pdf that way.

     I'm guessing there is a break in the triangle relationship between Filemaker, our database and Adobe, but I have no idea how to fix it!

     Hopefully somebody has a solution? Thanks!