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    Cannot print the pdf created in Filemaker Pro 12



      Cannot print the pdf created in Filemaker Pro 12


           I haven't already searched forums, and the internet for an explanation for this problem, but I haven't found one yet! I found similar problems, but not the same as the one I'm having.

           There are certain layouts I have in my database that I always save as pdf, because they are forms I send to customers etc. I have never had a problem with them, until recently. One of my customers emailed back and said he could not print off the pdf I sent him. So, I opened my original file, and tried to print it. It immediately come up with the errors;

           "The document could not be printed." followed by; "There were no pages selected to print." followed by; "A drawing error occurred."

           I have no problem printing off other pdfs created through Word and other programs. Only the pdfs created in Filemaker suddenly won't print anymore. I tried printing using the network printer, my local printer, a different network printer, but had no luck. The same errors came up.

           I also already tried, uninstalling & reinstalling Adobe, but that didn't work. Restarting my computer, but that didn't change anything either. I thought maybe it was just my computer, so I sent the pdf to another computer and tried printing, but it wouldn't. I also tried using our other computer (running Filemaker Pro 12, separate license) to save a pdf & print it, but it doesn't work either. All these above methods I tried still give the same error. (And there might have been a couple other things I tested out, that I forgot to mention).

           I should mention that I can, however, print the pdf file IF on the print screen, I click on "Advanced" and choose to print the pdf as an image file. But this is not conducive to business if I have to tell every customer that they can only print the pdf that way.

           I'm guessing there is a break in the triangle relationship between Filemaker, our database and Adobe, but I have no idea how to fix it!

           Hopefully somebody has a solution? Thanks!

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               Win or Mac? OS version? FMP 12 version?

               Tried new or different database?

               PDF's opened in what app - Adobe Reader? version?

               Recently added plugin to FMP? Updated Reader? Installed print related utility?

               Open PDF in another app and test?

          Acrobat Help /  Troubleshoot PDF printing | Acrobat, Reader



               FROM 2009   http://forums.adobe.com/thread/463720
               one solution   
               My experience with this problem may or may not be releated to the situation that others have reported, but it may help.
               In my particular case, those "The document could not be printed " and "There were no pages selected to print. " messages were caused by an expired domain password that was used by my network printers.
               Apparently, the network printer response was incorrectly interpreted by the Acrobat's print routine, generating those bogus messages.
               By dropping and remapping my network printers (with my new password, of course), the problem printing PDFs disappeared.  By the way, I am using Acrobat Reader v9.2.


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                 Hi DavidAnders,

                 We are running a Windows Filemaker Pro 12 version, and are using Adobe Reader 11.0 version.

                 We only have one database to try from, and we haven't added any new plug-in, or updated, or installed any print related utility.

                 I can save a pdf from Microsoft Word and it prints from any printer (network or local) that I have here. Also, any pdf anyone else has sent me I can print it just fine with any printer.

                 Its only when I save a pdf in filemaker, and then try to open & print it, that it doesn't work and I get those errors. Everything else works as usual.

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                   I have just upgraded two iMacs from 10.7.4 to 10.8.3 and the latest filemaker 12 version, and now the save as pdf creates a pdf that can be viewed on screen, but when printed it is only strange characters. When printed directly it is ok, or when printed and in print dialog saved as pdf to email it prints ok. It is when saving the pdf to disk and then inserted to email something goes wrong.

                   Any idea how to fix this?