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Cannot see fields that I have created

Question asked by jmageean on Oct 23, 2013
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Cannot see fields that I have created


     .  I built my DB tables using the DB Manager (a lot of tables).  Each with auto index fields plus related index fields and all the general table fields.  I then built my relationships using the relationship graph.  Everything seemed to fit together nicely.  However, when I tried to construct my layouts I have run into  a problem.  Only two of my tables show all of the fields.  The other tables only show their auto index fields.  (However, everything is there when viewed in the Data Base Manager)  So I looked at one of the tables missing the fields in the browse mode.  The auto index field shows.  I tried manually adding another field which it did.  The number of the added blank field was 15 suggesting that the fields I built into the table are there just not shown.  I tried deleting some of the relationships to see if the relationship connections were causing the fields to be hidden.  Can you suggest something that I am doing to cause this?