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cannot see published FMS DBs with remote function of FMP

Question asked by MarkPonsford on Oct 7, 2010
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cannot see published FMS DBs with remote function of FMP


Hello fellow FileMaker Pro users.

I have an installation of ten FMP users and one FM server. I have a number of DBs published on our server. The problem I am experienceing is that some (not all) FMP users are unable to access the published DBs on the FMS when attempting to connect via FMP's remote access function.

 The FMP user's are typing in the DNS address of the server into FMP's remote access funtion and instead of getting a listing of all the DBs available on FMS, they get nothing in their list. I'm experiencing this problem with four of ten users at present. Access via "Instant Web Publishing" is working OK on all machines. It's just FMP's access via remote access that is the problem.

My settup is:

-one FileMaker Server 9.0 Advanced running on a Macintosh mini using Mac OX 10.5.8

-ten FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0 clients running on Microsoft Windows XP Pro

I checked Filemaker's support web site but can't find any solution.

Anyone else out there experienceing this problem? If so, have you found an answer?

Mark Ponsford